Audio Products

  • MA-3V 70/100V Digital...

    MA3V is a 40Watt power amplifier at 70V or 100V. It has 3 line & 1 MIC inputs, and supports EQ control and MIC mix. It provides a good solution for installations like classroom, small meeting room, lecture hall, bar, pub etc.
  • CHA-2 HDMI Audio De-embedder

    CHA2 is an HDMI audio de-embedder, it de-embeds an analog output from HDMI source. Its transmission resolution is up to 1920x1200. It’s a high performance device for small meeting room, education facility, supermarket, bar and pub etc.
  • IRA-87 Linkx Sound Field...

    IRA-87 2-Channel Infrared Soundfield System The IRA-87 is a 2 channel infrared receiver amplifier/mixer with 2 auxiliary inputs for Computers, DVDs or even an iPod/Mp3 player, along with page pass-through, a 5-band equalizer, and a 32 watt amplifier. It has an outpout on the front panel for connections to an Assisted Listening System Transmitter. (ALS)
  • T-6 Infrared Pendant...

    T6 Infrared Pendant Transmitter Diamond Compact and light weight this IR Mic is easy to wear, 3 selectable channels with mute and optional Push -to-talk feature
  • IRM-202 Handheld Infrared...

    IRM-202 Infrared Handheld Microphone The handheld microphone/transmitter is primarily used by students for interactive class participation. The ergonomic design renders user comfort and very low handling noise, The unidirectional condenser microphone reproduces excellent vocal quality and the windscreen prevents breath pops. 
  • CHR-303 IR Mic Battery...

    Battery Charger Holds: 2 x T-6 and 1 x IRM-202 
  • IRS-55 Infrared Ceiling Sensor

    Feature:   ● Reception area: 232m2 / 2500ft2   ● Operating range: 15m radius to central of sensor   ● LED Power Indicator   ● Phantom Powered by Receiver / Amplifier   ● 15m cable. RCA type   ● Ceiling mount rack