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PVI HDMI HD RF Modulators - Mpeg 2/4


Micromod MS-HD-T

Manufacturer: PVI

The VeCoax MICROMOD is an HD RF Modulator, perfect solution to distribute any HD/SD Video to any standard digital cable television via the existing antenna coax cables. 
It comes with selectable inputs as Digital HDMI / Component / Composite, and support all TV resolutions up to real 1080p, so the distributed picture quality is perfect as the original. 
Output can be set to any channel number and injects directly to your coax splitter to distribute to all your TVs, coexisting with all your current regular channels. 
Multiple MICROMODS can be installed to distribute as many channels you need. In case of DVI video from computers, audio can always be connected to the separated left/right rca audio inputs. 
In case of HDMI connection, the audio is taken digitally from the HDMI cable as is, for the max sound quality. 
The Antenna Input connector allows the connection of any local channels feed without the need for any external splitter/combiner. 
The MICROMOD is completely noiseless / fanless and can be operated anywhere also in closets without any special requirement. 
The MICROMOD is the ideal replacements for old analog RF modulators, taking the same channel numbers and making it now full HD Digital with perfect quality.

Download Brochure ~  VeCOAX-DIN-HDV Brochure PDF